The Perfect Windows to Go with Your Maryland Home

Every state has something distinct to offer. Maryland is home to an exciting array of architecture. Wouldn’t it be nice to upgrade your lovely home by adding new windows?


If you want to know what kind of windows will work for your home, Premier Remodeling and Design is here to help. Here are some popular house styles along with replacement windows in Princeton, NJ and surrounding areas you can use:

  1. Colonial

Colonial is the most popular home style in the U.S. Many homeowners love it for its cost-effective features. It has pitched roofing, a rectangular-shaped exterior, and is usually two stories high. Multipaned windows look spectacular on them. Many window styles can complement a colonial. Our cottage windows, in particular, offer a sleek and clean finish that brings out a colonial’s freshness. Casement is another window style that would look stylish with colonial architecture.

  1. Rambler

The exterior of a rambler, or ranch, is made of brick, wood, or stucco. Its simple exterior and lower-pitched roofing makes it versatile—it can work with several window styles. This includes the double-hung windows and two- or three-part sliders that we offer. A rambler is a beautiful mix of modern architecture with hints of casual style. Its versatility is matched by the sleek appeal of double-hung windows. If you want to bring out a more sophisticated look, use slider windows.

  1. Split Foyer

Split foyer, split level, or tri-level is the kind of architecture that has unique setup, having staggered floor levels. Many homeowners appreciate this house style’s functionality. Its casual look also makes it easy to design. It would be great to use a combination of windows for a split foyer. Double-hung and slider windows are the usual picks. These window styles don’t just look great, they also emphasize a split foyer’s remarkable features. If you want something different, we recommend using windows with particular architectural shapes.

  1. Cape Cod

Another favorite in Maryland is the Cape Cod home. The Cape Cod has been popular throughout the area since 1940. Through the years, certain modifications have made it even more appealing. You can use almost any kind of window for a Cape Cod. This includes cottage and oriel windows, casement and double-hung windows, and others. Premier Remodeling and Design will be happy to help you with your window project. We have a range of window styles to recommend.

Hopefully, we were able to provide great window suggestions. Premier Remodeling and Design is your expert in window replacement in Bel Air, MD and surrounding areas, that aims to make homes beautiful through our products and services.

We don’t just install windows, we have a trained team that can work on your interior and exterior needs. Simply call us at (717) 676-0395 today to learn more about what we can do for you.