3 Remodels That Add the Most Value

Remodels aim to improve your home; however, some projects have lasting effects more than others. The “2016 Cost vs. Value report” by recently revealed the home improvement projects that tend to hold their value better. As a remodel can be a major expense, it certainly pays to spend on those that assure you of greater value in return.

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Pulling Back The Curtains On Window Trends

Windows are one of the most important aspects of a home.  A house that can boast about great windows (with an even better view) will always do better on the market.  Windows not only connect the inhabitants with the outside world, it is a great source of natural light and creates an attractive exterior.  Window remodeling has always been popular with homeowners because it can create such a dynamic change in the feel and the look of a home. Homeowners are now asking for more and more from the manufacturers of windows and we will cover some of these newly emerging trends. Read more