Pulling Back The Curtains On Window Trends

Windows are one of the most important aspects of a home.  A house that can boast about great windows (with an even better view) will always do better on the market.  Windows not only connect the inhabitants with the outside world, it is a great source of natural light and creates an attractive exterior.  Window remodeling has always been popular with homeowners because it can create such a dynamic change in the feel and the look of a home. Homeowners are now asking for more and more from the manufacturers of windows and we will cover some of these newly emerging trends. Read more


New Kitchen Trends for 2012

House Logic was on hand for the Kitchen of the Year event presented by House Beautiful.  The prestigious event showcased a number of new kitchen trends that will no doubt begin making their way into kitchens everywhere.

First up was Whirlpool’s new “White Ice” appliance collection.  It seems that the reign of stainless steel has begun to end.  Other appliance companies will likely follow Whirlpool and White Ice may become the “new stainless steel” for the next decade or so.  White has the benefit of being inherently easier than stainless steel to clean and white always stays in style.  Time will tell if White Ice will stick around but it will be definitely interesting to see.  Below is an example of a kitchen decked out in White Ice.  What do you guys think? Read more


New Remodeling Trends: Drop Zones, Lifestyle Centers, and Open Family Rooms

An interesting article out of MSN last week took a look at some new trends in the world of remodeling.  One of the most intriguing was the trend of drop zones.  Drop zones are basically debriefing rooms for your life.  They’re an area where you can sit down, take off your shoes, hang up your coat, hang up your backpack and sort your mail. Read more


New Kitchen Trend: Warming Drawer

The kitchen warming drawer is a trend that seems to be popping up in kitchen renovations across the country. The good people at Houzz have done a great job showcasing this rebirth of sorts. What’s even better is that the kitchen warming drawer can now be streamlined into your kitchen’s blueprints. You’ll be surprised the places you can sneak a kitchen warming drawer into, so let’s take a look at some examples!

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