Pulling Back The Curtains On Window Trends

Windows are one of the most important aspects of a home.  A house that can boast about great windows (with an even better view) will always do better on the market.  Windows not only connect the inhabitants with the outside world, it is a great source of natural light and creates an attractive exterior.  Window remodeling has always been popular with homeowners because it can create such a dynamic change in the feel and the look of a home. Homeowners are now asking for more and more from the manufacturers of windows and we will cover some of these newly emerging trends.

Going Green and Being Energy Efficient

There are many aspects of the word “sustainability” but none more important than energy efficiency.  Not only is going “green” a cultural trend we’re seeing it also saves you some serious money.  New windows are far and away vastly superior in energy-performance compared to their old single pane relatives.  For many manufacturers of windows, Energy Star’s regulations are key and as such they keep a watchful eye and an ear to the ground regarding any new rumors about what the new energy regulations will include.

Long Lasting Glass

Another important trends when it comes to glass (the other aspect of that “sustainability” word) is durability.  Now more than ever homeowners are looking for products that will stand the test of time.  They want the best value for their money and that commonly translates into a higher quality and longer lasting item.  People are moving less and staying in the homes they own longer so it is not only in the interest in the value of the house but also in the interest of those living there that they have windows that will last.  Manufacturers have noticed this and are veering away from types of glass and windows that require a high level of maintenance and upkeep.  The less the homeowner needs to think about their windows, the better.

If you’re thinking about opening your home up and letting some light in with updated windows or putting in one new window altogether, Premier works with some of the best manufacturers around and we’d love to give you a free estimate, just shoot us an email or give us a call!


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