New Remodeling Trends: Drop Zones, Lifestyle Centers, and Open Family Rooms

An interesting article out of MSN last week took a look at some new trends in the world of remodeling.  One of the most intriguing was the trend of drop zones.  Drop zones are basically debriefing rooms for your life.  They’re an area where you can sit down, take off your shoes, hang up your coat, hang up your backpack and sort your mail.

One trend that is on it’s way out is the two-story foyer.  We can say hasta la vista to the Sopranos look of a grand 2-story foyer with wide open spaces, vaulted ceiling and a staircase or two.  These entrances not only take up a lot of space, they are difficult to heat and thus cost more money, and people are beginning to look at their houses as things they might shack up in for awhile.  In short, stairs are a no-no as one approaches their twilight years.

Another trend that has been seeing more implementation as of late is the lifestyle room.  The lifestyle room is beginning to overthrow “Dad’s office” – typically a closed off room that housed usually one spouses work-away-from-work.  The lifestyle room is a more open and relaxed room where parents and homeowners can work on their projects and paper work.  The lifestyle room is also typically close to the kitchen so one can keep an eye on the children and/or cooking.

It’s interesting to see home design and remodeling turn to efficiency and family – with the infusion of the internet, homeowners are more savvy then ever before.  Gone are the McMansion days, homeowners have done their research and they want more bang for their buck, the most utility they can squeeze out of each space, with an eye for what will be best in the future.  If you’re looking for remodeling advice or want to implement anything you’ve seen covered – feel free to give Premier a ring: 1.855.251.3100

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