New Kitchen Trends for 2012

House Logic was on hand for the Kitchen of the Year event presented by House Beautiful.  The prestigious event showcased a number of new kitchen trends that will no doubt begin making their way into kitchens everywhere.

First up was Whirlpool’s new “White Ice” appliance collection.  It seems that the reign of stainless steel has begun to end.  Other appliance companies will likely follow Whirlpool and White Ice may become the “new stainless steel” for the next decade or so.  White has the benefit of being inherently easier than stainless steel to clean and white always stays in style.  Time will tell if White Ice will stick around but it will be definitely interesting to see.  Below is an example of a kitchen decked out in White Ice.  What do you guys think?

Building off of White Ice and a trend that we may see paired with the White Ice changeover are more stylized handles and knobs for cabinets and appliances.  KraftMaid was on full display with these nickel and glass nobs. (Photo via House Logic)

Also on display were CoreGuard Sink Bases.  These handy polymer mats protect your cabinet from water damage via spills and leaks.  They’re super easy to clean up and keep looking fresh which is always a plus.  They’re a simple fix that adds years onto your newly remodeled cabinets. (Photo via House Logic)

Another great feature present at the Kitchen of the Year event were the Whisper Touch Systems present on the drawers and cabinets.  It’s amazing the tactile pleasure one gets from closing a drawer in total silence.  It’s a small addition that makes a HUGE difference in terms of a rooms feel. (photo via House Logic)

Last up was something we’ve been pinning over on our Pinterest boards, secret storage! Clever storage space is a great way to make the most of your kitchen.  It cuts back on counter clutter and will always impress guests. Plus who doesn’t want a bit of James Bond in their kitchen?

So there’s a lot to take in here. What’s a new kitchen trend you’re eager to incorporate into your kitchen? Anything you’re not buying? Let us know in the comments below and as always should you fall in love with a new trend and want to update your kitchen give us a call!

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