New Kitchen Trend: Warming Drawer

The kitchen warming drawer is a trend that seems to be popping up in kitchen renovations across the country. The good people at Houzz have done a great job showcasing this rebirth of sorts. What’s even better is that the kitchen warming drawer can now be streamlined into your kitchen’s blueprints. You’ll be surprised the places you can sneak a kitchen warming drawer into, so let’s take a look at some examples!

The kitchen warming drawer here was neatly added to a kitchen island, adding even more functionality to the kitchen and allowing the cooking area to be free while things like appetizers stay hot.

This kitchen went with a more covert approach and fit their kitchen warming drawer into a regular cabinet drawer!  This shot shows that you can compartmentalize your kitchen warming drawer to accommodate a wide range of different foods.

Done with baking some treats or making dinner but not everyone is back home yet? Just pop your dishes straight from the oven underneath to the kitchen warming drawer and you’re all set.
If these examples have got your curiosity going and you’d like to get a kitchen warming drawer of your own (or go for a more full-on kitchen renovation) drop us an e-mail at shannon@premierremodels.com!

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