Kitchen Fixes can Fetch a Higher Asking Price

Most Realtors will tell you that improvements to your kitchen will add more value to your house than just about any other interior fix-up. Many buyers focus on the look and feel of the kitchen, seeing as many families spend most of their time in or around the kitchen. If it’s outdated and shabby, there is always the chance that it will be a dealbreaker for them and they might move on to the next house. Kitchen fixes don’t necessarily have to be costly and this is where you need to decide whether cosmetic changes are enough or if you are in need of some serious fixing up.

The key to a sellable kitchen is one that feels inviting. Color has a lot to do with the allure. Light colors reflect window light and can really brighten up a kitchen. Warm colors can take away the sterile feel of some spaces. If you have a lot of hanging pots and pans or distinctive cabinets, cool, medium shades can show off your woodwork and cookware. This can boost the buyer’s impression of kitchen quality. Here are some pointers:

1. Paint It!

Pick a color that compliments the cabinets, appliances and furniture.
Tip: Keep the ceiling light to brighten the room.

2. Replace Your Countertops.

Countertops are trendy. Replacing them can be an inexpensive way to make the who kitchen feel new.
Tip: Get nice-looking countertops, not expensive one, since you won’t be around to enjoy them.

3. Change Out The Fridge and Stove.

If you were planning on getting new appliances, you might want to put them in the old kitchen first to make it a show kitchen. Note on the contract that they’re not part of the deal and you can take them with you.
Tip: Don’t replace the dishwasher, since they’re mounted in the cabinets and almost always considered part of the house.

4. Replace The Light Fixtures and Globes.

This can make the room sparkle.
Tip: If they’re hopeless, replace them. New fixtures can be inexpensive.

Remember that if you are taking on any DIY project yourself to make sure you locate the load bearing walls and leave them untouched. However, if you want things done right and want to minimize your worry and stress Premier’s experienced contractors can help you accomplish all this so you can best apply your energy to the other things you need to do to sell and move. We can do everything from a simple paint job to a complete kitchen redo. We’ll have your kitchen looking so good; you’ll have second thoughts about selling. Contact us for a free consultation

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