4 Design Ideas to Warm Up a Plain White Room

Your color choices are very important when expressing style and creativity in your home. Although interior decorating has gotten a bit experimental over the years, one of the hardest room colors to decorate with is still white. Styling an all-white room can indeed be tricky, but only if you don’t know how to warm it up.

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Let Premier Remodeling & Design, LLC, the top experts in window replacement in Bel Air, MD show you how to get this done with four inspiring design ideas:

1. Mixed Finishes
This applies mostly to kitchens or dining areas, where you can employ a broad mix of materials to complement the white tones. Simply add different pieces to the room, whether it’s a wood or marble countertop, a glossy lamp, or even your favorite bronze or brass hardware. In most cases, a mix of white and metals create a timeless combination since the metals can reflect the crisp brilliance of the white.

2. Open Shelving
Sometimes, it’s not about overpowering the white color, but highlighting it that does the trick. A good example is to use open shelves or cabinets so that everything you place there contrasts nicely against the white background. This strategy can make the room feel more serene and cozy.

3. Graphic Tiles
If white is the dominant color in your bathroom, you can warm it up with a change in tile color. Luckily, white can complement almost any other color, so go ahead and let the creativity flow. Just keep in mind that the bathroom is a place for comfort and privacy, so you might want to pursue tile colors that evoke posh luxury.

4. A Touch of Black
Any room looks better with a touch of black. A combination of black and white, however, brings a classic sophisticated look to the room. In fact, you don’t have to worry about whether things match, as these colors seem predestined to complement each other.

If you have a plain white room, then these ideas should get you started on your way to making it a warm and cozy room to be proud of. Premier Remodeling & Design, LLC offers a custom approach to give you precisely what you want in an indoor remodel. Our services also include replacement of doors, roofs, siding, and windows in Princeton, NJ.

The highest level of customer service is our highest priority. We deliver your dream project in a matter of weeks so that you can enjoy it for a lifetime! Call us today at (855) 251-3100 or fill out our online form, to get started.

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