3 Remodels That Add the Most Value

Remodels aim to improve your home; however, some projects have lasting effects more than others. The “2016 Cost vs. Value report” by Remodeling.com recently revealed the home improvement projects that tend to hold their value better. As a remodel can be a major expense, it certainly pays to spend on those that assure you of greater value in return.

Home remodeling

As the authority in home remodeling in Baltimore, MD, Premier Remodeling and Design strives to give you a glimpse at some of the most valuable projects. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

Entry Door Replacement (Steel or Fiberglass)

With a recouped cost of 91.1% and 82.3% respectively, replacing your entry door with either steel or fiberglass can surely help you make the most of your money. If you are going to interpret their value, then you’ll realize that most homeowners believe in the long-term performance these replacement doors deliver.

True enough, steel and fiberglass boast impressive endurance, security, and energy efficiency ratings. They’re both versatile in design, able to emulate the timeless appeal of woodgrain and come with a variety of decorative options.

Kitchen Remodel (Minor or Major)

The complexity of your kitchen makeover tends to define its depreciation rate. Minor and major kitchen remodeling in Princeton, NJ, offer 83.1% and 61.5% of costs recouped respectively.

Fortunately, there are many ways to further make your kitchen makeover more valuable. For instance, customized cabinetry can make your favorite space more functional and attractive.

Window Replacement (Vinyl or Wood)

When it comes to replacing your set of windows, you couldn’t go wrong with either vinyl or wood. The former remarkably registers 73.3%, while the latter isn’t far behind with 72.1%.

This means these two lead the pack in terms of longevity and performance. Especially that homes these days push to be more sustainable, choosing either material could help you hit your energy efficiency goals. And since they come with powerful warranties, you’re sure to have more value for your money.

From door replacement to kitchen remodeling in Towson, MD, Premier Remodeling and Design is the only team you should trust. We can handle the home improvement project you need. We’ll make sure to provide quality materials and services that meet your household’s needs and preferences.

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